The Bible Teaching Series that Connects You to the Kingdom

Gospel of Royalty is an online teaching ministry that focuses on your connection to the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. 

It is our goal to share this wonderful message with as many people as possible in accordance with the command of King Jesus found in Mark 16:15, where He states "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

This series of brief, insightful, and Spirit led teachings are brought to you by King J.a.m.i.e. (King Jesus Authorizes Me In Earth) in a basic yet effective video format. Teachings are added continually, so be sure to tune in often!

Please watch the introductory video directly below before you begin your study of our other topic-centered presentations. 

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Please enjoy our Teaching Video Library below:
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End of the world prediction gone wrong:

Prayer of Salvation - Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord:

Trusting God:

Sin Appeal:

Kingdoms 101:

Covenants of Promise and Favor:

Prophetic Dream - The Lion Tamer:

The Power of Your Words - The King's Speech:

A Reminder for His Daughters:

God is Not Mysterious:

The True Gospel of Jesus Christ:

Was Jesus Rich?:

God is Young:

Psalm 23 Decoded:

The Holy Spirit - Our A.C.E.:

Tithes, Offerings & The Gift of Giving:

The Kingdom of God & The Kingdom of Heaven?:

Satan - Rogue Military Officer:

Attacked by Demons:

God's Great Wish:

Mary's Advice:

Esteeming God's Word:

Joy of the Lord - The Key to Kingdom Strength:

Creation v. Evolution:

Addendum - Joy of the Lord - The Key to Kingdom Strength: 

Kingdom of God Mentality:

Rapture State of Mind: America is Not Immune:

Kingdom Citizenry:

Partnering with God:

The Blessing Revealed:

The Rapture Re-visited:

Read The Bible:

Dominating Time:

The Miracle Principle of Quantum Physics:

Tickle Me El Elyon:

The Atheist Call Out:

Be Ye Holy. Stop Ye Sinning:

Rapture Dream:

Mr. Satan goes to Church:

The Great American Sin Fast:

The Amazing Adventures of God:

The Anger Agenda:

Faith Faux-pas:

Know-it-alls Stay Out:

Tongues Twisted:

Who is Jesus to you:

Reality of Eternity:

Vital message from God:

Jesus Christ: King or Comedian:

Investing in Your Future:

Prophetic Dream - Son vs. SUV:

Satan's Disposable Fans:

Pray Break:

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